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Dopo i primi due capolavori hard, i Led Zeppelin pubblicarono nel 1970 l'omonimo album "Led Zeppelin III", caratterizzato da toni decisamente più "acustici" rispetto alle due prime precedenti.
Tutti i brani sono ugualmente affascinanti (tranne gli ultimi due), ma se dovessi sceglierne tre, opterei per "Friends", "Since I've been loving you" e "That's the way".
Voto personale (scarso / insufficiente / sufficiente / buono / distinto / ottimo / eccellente): Ottimo.

After releasing their first two "hard" masterpieces, Led Zeppelin recorded "Led Zeppelin III" in 1970 - an album switching to more "acoustic" atmospheres compared with the first two.
Personally, I like all the songs, without distinction (except for the two last tracks) - my favourite ones being, in any case, "Friends", "Since I've been loving you" and "That's the way".
My personal mark (very poor / poor / pass / good / fairly good / very good / excellent): Very good.


Robert Plant - voce (vocals)
Jimmy Page - chitarre (guitars)
John Paul Jones - basso, tastiere, chitarre acustiche (bass, keyboards, acoustic guitars)
John Bohnam - batteria e percussioni (drums and percussions)


1. Immigrant song
2. Friends
3. Celebration day
4. Since I've been loving you
5. Out on the tiles
6. Gallows pole
7. Tangerine
8. That's the way
9. Bron-y-aur stomp
10. Hats off to (Roy) Harper

LED ZEPPELIN III (Led Zeppelin) - 41,7 MB

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