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Brian Auger è, insieme a Keith Emerson, uno dei miei miti "artistici", essendo il sottoscritto tastierista - forse è meglio dire - ex-tastierista pop.
Nell'album che propongo oggi, al virtuosismo di Auger si aggiunge la voce trascinante di Julie Driscoll - o meglio, Julie Tippets, come è meglio conosciuta (con il cognome del marito - Keith Tippets, pianista rock-jazz che ha collaborato, fra gli altri, con i King Crimson di Robert Fripp).
"Encore" è un misto azzeccato di rock, funky e soft jazz. I due artisti principali sono peraltro accompagnati da uno stuolo di ottimi strumentisti. Da non perdere!
Voto personale (scarso / insufficiente / sufficiente / buono / distinto / ottimo/ eccellente): Ottimo.

Brian Auger is, together with Keith Emerson, one of my 'cult' artists, me being a keyboard player - or rather, I should say a "former" keyboard player keen on pop music.
The album I am posting today is a perfect blend of Brian Auger's virtuoso keyboard playing and Julie Driscoll's sweeping voice. (By the way, Julie Driscoll is also known as Julie Tippets, after adopting the surname of her husband Keith Tippets, the rock-jazz pianist who also played, among other things, with Robert Fripp's King Crimson).
"Encore" provides a rich mixture of rock, funky and soft jazz. Moreover, the two leading artists are accompanied by a band of first-rate musicians. You must absolutely listen to it!
My personal mark (very poor / poor / pass / good / fairly good / very good / excellent): Very good.

ENCORE (1977)


Julie Driscoll-Tippets - voce (vocals)
Brian Auger - organo Hammond, tastiere (Hammond organ, keyboards)
Dave Crigger - batteria e percussioni (drums and percussions)
Dave McDaniels - basso (bass)
George Doering - chitarre (guitars)
Waters Sisters - cori (backing vocals)


1. Spirit
2. Don't let me be misunderstood
3. Git up
4. Freedom highway
5. Future pilot
6. Rope ladder to the moon
7. No time to live
8. Nothing will be as it was
9. Lock all the gates


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