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Dopo tanti album di musica ambient e 'strana', ecco un post decisamente commerciale: “Business as usual”, album d’esordio degli australiani Men at Work (1981).

Successo planetario (oltre 15 milioni di copie vendute in tutto il mondo), l’album (e, soprattutto, il singolo “Who can it be now?”) mi ricordano i bei tempi passati della giovinezza … Forse è questo il motivo per cui ho deciso di postarlo? Beh, ci sono molti altri album, ben più ‘consistenti’, che mi ricordano quei tempi.

Ad ogni modo, beccatevelo, se vi va. Così è, se vi pare …

Voto personale: Sufficiente (per simpatia).

After posting a lot of ‘eclectic’ and ambient music albums, here is today’s post: “Business as usual”, released by Australian band Men at Work in 1981.

A worldwide success (it sold over 15 million copies), this album – and, above all, the most successful single taken from it, i.e. “Who can it be now?” – remind me of good old times, when I was a careless university student in my Twenties. Maybe is this the reason why I decided to post it today? Well, I don’t think so - there are plenty of ‘nicer’ albums that remind me of those glorious days in my life.

In any case, that is it – and don’t ask me why …

My personal mark: Pass (for the sake of niceness).

MEN AT WORK (1981):

Greg Ham: flauto, tastiere, sax, voce (flute, keyboards, saxophone, backing and lead vocals)
Colin Hay: chitarra, voce (guitars, lead vocals)
Johnatan Rees: basso, voce (bass guitar, backing vocals)
Jerry Speiser: batteria, voce (drums, backing vocals)
Ron Strykert: chitarra, voce (guitars, backing vocals)


1. Who can it be now?
2. I can see it in your eyes
3. Down under
4. Underground
5. Helpless automation
6. People just love to play with words
7. Be good, Johnny
8. Touching the untouchables
9. Catch a star
10. Down by the sea


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